Maui Part I: The Restaurant that Stole my Heart

I’ve been away from this blog for too long. But I have a wonderful excuse! I was resting and relaxing in the tropical paradise of Maui. It was a wonderful vacation. And it ended much too soon for my liking. Every morning I would wake up (at 4am because the baby was still on Calgary time) and make myself an earl grey tea latte to enjoy on the balcony. Kristine and I would sit on the balcony with our babies and watch the sun rise through the palm trees and over the ocean, where we would often see whales breaching.

This was our view


In our condo we had a kitchen where we prepared a lot of delicious meals (future post to come) but we also managed to sample many of Maui’s fine eating establishments.

The obvious favourite was Fred’s Mexican Cafe in Kihei which we ate at three times. This place served the best mexican food I have ever eaten. Ever. The best. For realsies.


Todd was crazy for the Chicken Tortilla Soup which had a light broth but was incredibly flavourful with many different layers of spices and flavours. The broth was served with large pieces of roasted chicken, half an avocado, grilled corn salsa, monterey jack cheese and garnished with crisp tortilla chips. Incredible! I spent half an hour dissecting and analyzing the soup in order to recreate it one day. As my husband demanded “If you make nothing else for the next year, you have to make me this soup. You have to!”.

I’m up for that challenge! So stay tuned….


My favourite dish at Fred’s was the Pescado Taco. This was a grilled fish taco that changed my life. It was that good. The pieces of marinated fish were large, not small chunks like other more disappointing tacos we sampled (ahem, Maui Taco). The sauce was tangy with a bit of spice to it which was a nice accompaniment to the crunch of the lettuce, cabbage, and tomatoes.

So good. I’m currently scheming on how I can get back to Maui for those tacos.

Oh and I guess the beaches were okay too.


One Comment on “Maui Part I: The Restaurant that Stole my Heart”

  1. Auntie D says:

    Oh Fred’s, how I long for thee! I also loved the fish tacos at Fred’s with an icy beer or a Margarita as big as a baby’s head. Have never been able to replicate the recipe.

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