Quinoa and Edamame Cakes with spicy dill yogurt dip

My friend Tim hates quinoa. How can anyone hate quinoa? It’s one of those innocent grains that don’t have a lot of flavour on their own but paired with a few simple ingredients can be fabulous.

Tim, don’t be a hater.

Try these quinoa and edamame patties spiced with cumin, dill and dried chilli peppers. Just one patty and you’ll change your mind about quinoa.

Trust me.

I had a couple of cups of left over quinoa and edamame from the previous nights dinner. I’ve been thinking about making a corn cake or a patty of some kind for a while. I found this recipe by Heidi Swanson from her blog 101 Cookbooks. I own Heidi’s Super Natural Cooking cook book and have been a big fan for awhile.

I used Heidi’s recipe as the base which did not have edamame in it. I only had 2 cups of quinoa and so I used about 3 eggs, half the flour and half the breadcrumbs that the original recipe called for as I wanted a really moist patty. We didn’t have scallions or fresh dill. Instead I chopped up a bit of thinly diced red onion, and added a little bit of fresh dill I had scavenged from a “a fresh herb salad kit” along with a sprinkle of dried dill. I did not measure when adding the herbs and seasonings and I wish I had. ┬áThe flavour was underlying but not as strong as I would have liked. Next time…. or not. I did however add a generous amount of feta which was perfect in this patty as it was creamy but salty.

I chose to pan fry the patties in a bit of olive oil. The patties were crisp and golden brown but moist on the inside. I made a quick dip with a couple of tablespoons of Oikos greek yogurt, franks hot sauce, dried dill and dried chilli peppers.


**Even though this blog post makes it seem like I just whipped those bad boys up, don’t be fooled. It took me nearly three hours to get 9 patties finished as chaos reigned supreme in the kitchen that morning. Between my baby fussing about, my sous chef being M.I.A and various interruptions from company and phonecalls (“Honestly Lindsay! How long does it take you to make those things!”- my Noonie), it was a wonder that they turned out as good as they did. I also had a hard time figuring out the right temperature for panfrying the patties. This took a little bit of time but once I did it went quite smoothly.