New Year’s Resolutions Worth Breaking

Okay, so I fully realize that a proper posting referring to the New Year and any resolutions, goals, etc. should technically be posted on New Year’s Day or close to it.  But I’m just impressed that I’m getting this posted in the month of January.  It’s the small victories, people!

#1 This year my greatest goal is to do less. Yes, it is to take on less, to volunteer to less, to not start on a million new projects. I am the queen for taking on too much.  I say yes to everything! And then when I realize that I’ve taken on too much, I have an ugly, sobbing, red-faced break down complete with crying on the phone to my mother that life is too much and I have no time to myself, and on and on and on. It’s too much and I’m cutting it out! So I’m not going to volunteer on any committees, or throw 4 baby showers, or crochet a bunch of blankets.

I’m just saying No!

#2 Doing less, allows me to do the most important thing and that is to focus 100% of my energy on my baby and husband, especially after I head back to work at the end of April.

#3 That being said, I want to continue with this blog with a minimum of two posts per month.  And aren’t you all in for a treat! I received a gift certificate for digital photography lessons. Woot woot! My goal is to improve on the food pictures I take. So stayed tuned!

#4 And with continuing with the blog, my goal is to make one recipe from every cookbook I own.  And I own a LOT of cookbooks. This is not to say that every posting is going to be a recipe from a cookbook, but by the end of the year I hope to have made a new recipe from every cookbook in my awesome extensive collection.

#5 Take better care of myself. I feel like everyone has a version of this one. For me, it’s to exercise a bit, eat healthy, and work on stress reduction. I’m going to start running again and complete a 5km race by the end of the year (see I’m already taking on less. In the past I would have signed up for a half marathon. I’m a resolution super star!).

#6 Every year my family makes goals. And every year I include these two and I fail miserably at them: keep my room clean and get organized. Many years ago, my mother said I could have a baby if I could keep my room clean because she feared that I would lose the baby in my bedroom.  Luckily for me, having a clean room is not how babies are made. Even better, I have a loud screamy baby who I can find with ease in any room of the house, regardless of the clutter and piles of paper. But, (sigh) I will aim to work on getting more organized anyways. Keeping my fingers crossed that this is the year!

And thus ends my list of goals aimed at being a better wife and mother, better blogger and a better all around person. I look forward to failing at #6 for the 32nd consecutive year!

Did you make goals/resolutions? Which ones are you looking forward to breaking?

5 Comments on “New Year’s Resolutions Worth Breaking”

  1. Rosemarie Storm says:


    So happy to hear that you are going to take time for yourself, Todd and Kate. You really do take so much on at once. Don`t wait until you are my age to realize that you need to say NO! and take the time to smell the coffee. Although it is hard to let go, because you are a doer, you will find other ways to satiate that appetite for helping by keeping busy doing things with Todd and Kate.

    Take care!


  2. toddstorm says:

    Weird, one of my goals was to eat a recipe from each of those books…

  3. HM says:

    I would like to follow Todd’s goal and try a recipe from one of those books!
    You’ve got 6 good ones Linds… go for it! As for taking time for you… its the more important now than ever, better for you means better for the ones you love too. Alot will fall into place if it needs to. And you, the brilliant amazing woman you are, will know when, where and how much! 🙂

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