Egg Nog Chai Latte

Chai Tea Latte, Canmore

I have a strict rule regarding Christmas:

  1. The Christmas spirit (decorations, festivities, caroles, egg nog etc.) is relegated to December ONLY.

I can’t stand the “Christmas Creep” that starts just after Halloween.  By the time the holiday actually comes around, I’m sick of the songs, I’m sick of the trees, and I’m sick of the commercials. I am a regular crabby Scrooge.  I’m much more jolly if I can keep Christmas to December, where it’s just long enough to feel all special and shiny and bright.

But this year, I am in trouble. I don’t want Christmas to end. And egg nog is to blame!

I absolutely do not drink egg nog until December 1st and, savour my last cup on January 1st as I put away the Christmas tree.

My husband bought a 2L of egg nog in mid-November to spite my egg nog rule.  That carton of egg nog, which expired on November 29th and which he nor I drank a single glass, sat in the fridge until Boxing Day when we needed room for a large jar of pickles Todd got in his stocking. That is how firm I am with this egg nog business.

That was until I discovered the egg nog chai latte. So sweet. So spicy. So festive. Throughout December I invested a small fortune at a large coffee chain having my daily dose of this amazing drink. Then I got an electric milk frother (love!) from Todd for Christmas and could make my own! It’s quite simple: 1/2 parts chai syrup, 1/2 part egg nog.  Heat both and froth to enjoy the delicious concoction

But I ran out of egg nog yesterday!  This very last carton had been expired for four days and I kept drinking it because the threat of having to wait an entire year to have it again loomed.

Guys, I’m out of egg nog and Christmas is over.

One Comment on “Egg Nog Chai Latte”

  1. Tami Scott Gartner says:

    So sad!

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