Christmas Feast

I have been patiently waiting for Christmas to come, not because of presents but because of my mother-in-law’s cooking. She is a wonderful cook. And her stuffing is the best stuffing I have ever had.

Seriously. It’s amazing.

I tried to make it once and it was severely lacking. My husband pretended he liked my version because he’s nice like that, but I knew the truth. No one makes turkey stuffing like my mother-in-law. No one. And this year did not dissapoint!

BUT…. I came down with a sinus infection Christmas Eve and couldn’t taste anything. It was very tragic. Especially since I loaded my plate up with turkey, stuffing, potatoes and gravy, pickles, and salad and couldn’t taste  any of it.  And to add insult to injury, I was most excited to try the roasted beet and carrot salad she had made for the first time.  It looked beautiful. A festive jewel toned dish with bright reds, purples and orange.

Im sure it was delicious.


One Comment on “Christmas Feast”

  1. Rosemarie Storm says:

    Thank you for the wonderful compliment Lindsay. My stuffing recipe is a very simple one that was handed down from my mom to me and my 2 sisters. I felt so bad that you couldn’t taste any of the food this Christmas; getting a cold at this time of the year just seems so unfair. Here’s hoping that your taste buds are back for New Year’s Day dinner.


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