Cinnamon Bread Pudding, Please!


“Eat Street” has ruined food for me. I watch that show and I salivate as they parade through all these cities eating wonderful food and I’m stuck at home eating pepperoni sticks and drinking Boost. The problem with Eat Street and Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives is that they showcase food that I CAN’T have.

Because I don’t live in Chicago or Portland or San Francisco .
(yes, Calgary has food trucks which are pretty fantastic and which I have enjoyed from time to time. But that’s not the point).

And so when Eat St. was going on and on about bread pudding, I just had to have some. And since I don’t bake I had to call upon my friend Kristine to recreate the gooey, cinnamony, bread pudding.

Kristine found this recipe. She used cinnamon bread from Cobb’s bakery decreased the amount of ground cinnamon that the recipe called for, added a little nutmeg and omitted the raisins.

This was an amazing dessert. Moist, sweet, warm and gooey. All the things bread pudding should be.

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