The Chicken Pot Pie Fiasco

I can tell you right now that my mother is going to be annoyed by this post. I can already envision her shaking her head and furling her brow, wondering how anyone can screw up chicken pot pie.

So I’m apologizing to her in advance.

I have been dreaming of chicken pot pie ever since I read this blog post from the Under the High Chair blog, two weeks ago.  I’ve been salivating just thinking about the combo of chicken, leek, garlic and lemon topped with a flaky pie crust. Yummm….

I’ve never made chicken pot pie before. I’ve never worked with puff pastry.  And I’ve never quite grasped the roux technique (insert mother’s sigh here).

And so this whole meal was a disaster.

I forgot to take the puff pastry dough out of the freezer, so it never thawed properly. I didn’t have an egg for the egg wash, so I used milk instead. Which is okay I guess, but my brush was dirty. So I had to use a combo of my fingers and paper towel to coat the pastry- neither pretty nor elegant. I forgot to buy the wine and tarragon. I somehow managed to spill a bag of sugar all over the floor, and despite sweeping it up, I had sugar stuck to the bottom of my feet.  My baby was fussy and gnarly due to having a cold, so I spent a large amount of time attending to her. From start to finish it took more than 3 hours to make this, when it really shouldn’t have taken more than an hour.

By the end, I was exhausted, hungry and had sticky feet.

And to top it all off, the finished product wasn’t as awesome as I was hoping. Because I think I’m smarter than the recipe and don’t measure, there was waaaaay too much lemon and dried thyme. I used the juice of half a lemon which made it too tart and overpowered the other flavours. Also, my casserole dish was too big for the filling and so when I put the pastry over top, it made a large crater and the centre never browned.

And when I went to cut into it, somehow pastry went flying everywhere, hitting my husband. To which he responded “Do you think you’ve made a big enough mess???”

Ugh. And as a write this, the disaster that is my kitchen, begs to be cleaned.

(Sigh) At least the puff pastry leaves turned out nice.

Next time, I’m using a pie plate, will thaw out the pastry, use wine and fresh tarragon and will add a bit of asparagus for colour and flavour. And I will most definitely cut back on the lemon!

4 Comments on “The Chicken Pot Pie Fiasco”

  1. Tami Scott Gartner says:

    No comment but I do hope the baby is feeling better today.

  2. Catherine says:

    This still made me want chicken pot pie!! And I would also like to have been there to watch the assembly take place. It sounds like the scene from a cartoon where the cat in a chef’s jacket gets a pot stuck on his foot, then burns his tail on the stove and falls face first into a cream pie 🙂

  3. Jessica says:

    Oh, this made me laugh so hard! And cringe at the thought of sugar all over the floor. It actually reminded me of the time that I thought I was smarter than spell-check and decided to spell the word my way, because I was sure the computer was wrong. Turns out that I am not smarter than spell check. And you are not smarter than the recipe!

  4. HM says:

    still made me want it… now thats all I can think of… geez! and nothing like a kitchen disaster to make the day. :-/

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