Healing the Heart Through Food, Friends and Family

Has it really been almost two whole weeks since I last posted? Not cool, not cool at all.  But in all honesty, I haven’t been doing a lot of cooking lately.

Life has taken a turn and I’ve found myself out of my element and out of my kitchen. We’ve recently had a tragic and sudden loss in our family, and many lives have been turned completely upside down. Add to the mix, my husband and I seized the opportunity to build a dream house on an amazing lot with access to a lake. But this has come with the cost of last minute stressors, spontaneous meetings interrupting the dinner hour, and hurried trips back and forth in questionable weather from my mother’s in Ponoka to our home in Calgary. And, as my dear friend Tanya eloquently put it “…and now Baby K. (my daughter) has chosen to become complicated….”.

With sadness in my heart, food just doesn’t taste the same.

I haven’t been motivated to cook that much. But I have done a lot of eating and have enjoyed meals that others have lovingly created. My friend Jessica concocted an amazing potato, bacon and corn chowder that was rich, creamy, and full of flavour; topped with caramelized beets that melted in your mouth. The neighbour boy brought over a jar of piping hot chicken soup thick with noodles, rice, and assorted vegetables, which we lived off of for days. Kendra baked for two afternoons to make sure that we had sweet treats and a stash of baking in the freezer. Lasagna’s, baked spaghetti, pots of chilli and hearty stews showed up in abundance, ensuring we were never without at dinner time. There has been endless trays of meat and cheese, vegetable and fruit platters, squares, desserts, and the most amazing almond bark I’ve ever tasted.

I have observed something quite poignant in the past month. In times of great sadness, when we’re at a loss of how to heal the hearts of people we love, we feed their stomachs instead.  I am very thankful for all of the people who rushed to their kitchens, showing their love and support for us, one dish at a time.

2 Comments on “Healing the Heart Through Food, Friends and Family”

  1. Auntie D says:

    Lindsay, as usual your eloquence has nailed it. I have always known that cooking for others was only minimally about the food and most definitely about the love. How lucky we are to be in a circle where we all “get it”. P.S. If only soup could mend a broken heart. Your strength is inspirational – Auntie D

  2. HM says:

    Love is Love Lindsay,
    whether it migrates up from food we eat
    or sent through wishes from our speech,
    its all meant to give you what you need to get through your day.
    For those with love to give, the food is but the courier.

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