Pumpkin Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Icing

Now don’t let the title of this blog post fool you.  I am many wonderful things, but I am not a baker (please see previous post about my lack of measuring). This one time my friend Kendra gave me her famous buns recipe, which I copied word for word and followed word for word.  Having taken it for granted that I understood basic baking principles, Kendra did not mention that I needed to knead the dough after mixing all my ingredients together.  Therefore the dough went unkneaded and my buns, albeit beautiful, were full of lumps and had a strange consistency. (sigh) I am not a baker.

But….my friend Kristine is.  She is an amazing baker and often sends treats to me via our husbands who work together (I really should start returning the favour, but wonder if our “courier” system could withstand the sharing of a bowl of cioppino in the same manner as sharing a banana loaf…perhaps not.) As part of Kristine’s birthday celebrations (Happy Birthday my friend!!), she invited me over for an afternoon of baking together followed by sushi out with the husbands and babies.

Man, can this girl bake!

While I stood watching and keeping the babies entertained, Kristine whipped together these wonderfully moist and flavourful cupcakes. The pumpkin puree makes the cake dense and gives it incredible flavour.  The cinnamon, allspice, nutmeg, and ginger are deliciously present but do not overpower the taste of pumpkin.  And of course, can you ever go wrong with cream cheese icing? Never. You can never, ever go wrong with cream cheese icing.

The recipe for these wonderful cupcakes comes straight from the blog Patent and the Pantry and you can get the recipe here.

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